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You Look A Lot Like Me (2016)

by Mal Blum

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Peter Orlovsky
Peter Orlovsky thumbnail
Peter Orlovsky Saw them live in Boston in July. Fucking awesome!!
Ramona Donohue
Ramona Donohue thumbnail
Ramona Donohue Oh my god, so good! Mal has always been amazing but I feel like they have really outdone themselves here. I like the expansion from the guitar folksyness to the more indie rockish feel. It sounds like the best kind of mid-aughts music. Favorite track: Reality TV.
Jessica Stephens
Jessica Stephens thumbnail
Jessica Stephens Mal Blum impressively gets better with each album. Love all the great distorted guitar with these sweet sing alongs. Favorite track: Cool Party.
Jeckari thumbnail
Jeckari Heard the song on Night Vale and pulled the album up out of curiosity- so glad I did! Favorite track: Archive.
Devin Arey
Devin Arey thumbnail
Devin Arey Oh God I just love Mal Blum so much. If you ever need a human voice equivalent of post-anxiety attack, sitting on the floor of your best friend's kitchen eating pizza and wistfully thinking of your last break up . . . well, how about just listen to the album and ignore my analogies but seriously, Mal's fab. Favorite track: Better Than I Was.
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released October 2, 2015

engineered by danielle depalma, mixed by kyle gilbride, produced by marissa paternoster, audrey zee whitesides - bass, steph barker - drums, mal - guitar, vox, marissa - guitar, vox, alex clute - vox on iowa & new orleans



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Mal Blum New York, New York

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Track Name: Robert Frost
I'm not robert frost
if I wrote about the weather
it would start:
in my car, digging out for an hour
and this town is all just dirt and earth
and a little lie and a bigger hurt
no, I shouldn't have left
my house in the first place, I guess
but I always
go back to where I'm meant to be
I go back to where I'm meant to be

so on a polar high that I found one night
it was cold outside
were your frozen hands
are so much like mine
but they don't compromise
now I'm looking at the ground
because I don't want you to leave
I know it's co-dependent but I think it's kinda sweet
out of every person in this city
I could ever meet
leaving feels like losing
but I'm learning what I need

I go back to where I'm meant to be
I go back to where I'm meant to be
in the morning

I wanna know when it stops
the eye of the storm
everything is not what it was
and I'm not robert frost

I wish that I'd replied
I wish he hadn't died
I wish a lot of things
the day you lost your dog
and I lost my car
it was a saturday
and now the frozen air
and the frozen ice
and the biggest hurts
and the boldest lies
are gonna disappear
like the melting point
like my melting rules
like my melting life

I'll go back to where I'm meant to be
I'll go back to where I'm meant to be

I'm not Robert Frost, if I wrote a poem about the weather
it would start and it would end in the same place.