New Year's Eve (2016 Version)

by Mal Blum

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originally recorded in 2010, re-recorded dec 2016 by ricardo lagomasino. single art by dor dourandi!!!


it's happy new year
I'm making guacamole
you couldn't even
pick up the fucking phone
and call me

I don't like my tee shirt
I don't like my blue jeans
I don't like my attitude
it's gonna be a party
let's party

it's a happy new year
last year was so stupid
most of us were drunk
and somehow more of us were puking
although I heard a rumor
something about bad shrimp
don't know how I made it
up the stairs to your apartment

but I remember it
climbing up to bed
I remember it, I remember it

and that's not all that I'm forgetting
it's a new year, the last one's ending
don't know how I ever made it out

here's to nothing ever changing
if it were, then I'd be parting ways
with all the bad habits I've found

but I still hang around
I still hang around
I still hang around

it's a happy new year,
now I'm eating guacamole
you kissed me at midnight
'cause you thought that I looked lonely

but I don't like my outfit
I guess it's not important
besides I like your four track
and the things you record on it

it's the time of year now
to keep your close ones closest
say that we'll be friends forever
no, I don't care if you know it

it's a happy new year
unlike all the rest
feels like I am changing
and I know it's for the best

I remember that
climbing up to bed
I remember that, I remember that

and that's not all that I'm pretending
it's a new year, the last one's ending
and all the guacamole that I made browned
here's to always, ever-changing
circumstances that we're arranging
throwing all our cautions to the ground

they only weigh you down

I won't let you down

hey, did you know you can check the time,
your call reaches the other line?
hey, did you know that I know you lied?
so, board it up
and don't even try
last year is ending just in time,
and I
I got out alive
I got out alive
I got out alive

it's a happy new year
here I am again
writing in my car,
and this time I can't pretend
that we are friends, we're not friends
friends don't do the things we did
and the ones you've done since then
make me thing we've never been

when is this night gonna end?
are you lying in his bed?
all these questions in my head
hey, where's the whiskey at again?
you are discombobulated
when you show up at my door
leaving glitter on my floor
but I don't like you anymore

no, I don't like you anymore
I don't like you anymore
I don't like you anymore


released December 21, 2016
mal blum: vox, guitar
audrey zee whitesides: 2nd guitar, backing vox
barrett lindgren: bass, backing vox
ricardo lagomasino: drums, backing vox
ana meili carling: backing vox
and single cover art by Dor Dourandi!!


all rights reserved



Mal Blum New York, New York


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